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waterless technology

Sterimiser 3S, our most simple unit has 3 slots 10mm wide and will accomodate up to 9 boning knives or a mixture of knives and oval steels up to 12" long.

Sterimiser 3SC, similar to the 3S but with a longer rear slot to accomodate a chopper or oval and flat steels

Sterimiser 4B, designed for boning knives and incorporating a mechanism which allows the full insertion including the handle to disinfect the whole knife

All Sterimiser unit can be supplied or retro fitted with a knee operated spray cabinet designated -S this can replace existing drop hoses and enables a hand and knife to be rinsed prior to sterilisation.

Sterimiser 3S-S shown

Robust design and with adjustable feet
Safety interlock disables light source if opened
Sterimiser T40+ with mirrored interior
no shadow areas ensures full disinfection

The Sterimiser T40+ has been designed to allow 40+ knives, steels and choppers to be sterilised at the same time in batches, it is perfectly suited for boning halls and cutting plants where many operatives work.

A simple alphabet slot system ensures that operators can quickly identify their own knives.

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