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UV Safe is the leading provider of low energy UV biosafety disinfection and air purification equipment to industry.

With years of experience under our belts, we understand that maintaining low levels of bacteria and virus is crucial for the health of your business.

Our team is committed to providing high-quality, high-performance, low-carbon, cost-effective products that will help protect your staff, customers and reputation from unseen biosafety hazards.

  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce odours
  • Improve biosafety
  • Reduce energy
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Find out how your business can benefit from a UV Safe system and the GRANTS AVAILABLE that could offset some of the cost.

    “We’re very happy with using UV-safe’s sterilisers. They have significantly reduced our energy and water consumption and reduced the maintenance checks and jobs required when electric elements needed replacing. A side benefit is that it’s reduced condensation in the area and improved H&S where operatives used to be working close to the hot water sterilisers. We’re very happy to recommend them to anyone in the industry.”

    Rizvan Khalid, managing director, Euro Quality Lambs

    “Sterimiser is the best innovation I’ve seen in years and will save food businesses a fortune. The water savings alone make it attractive but add the carbon savings too, it wasn’t really a question of if but when we switched over.”

    Jack Griffin, technical manager, Select Meats

    “We’re very happy with using UV-safe’s knife steriliser units. They have significantly reduced our energy and water consumption. Although our observations might not be statistically significant, we believe the Air purification system from UV Safe has helped us keep our factory COVID-19 safe.”

    Anna Davis Technical manager Cherryfield of Croydon

    “The T40 Steriliser has been a great purchase for us. Knife sterility is guaranteed and the unit is simple to use, easy to clean and the running costs are minimal compared to our old water steriliser. The follow up and maintenance service provided by UV-Safe is also excellent.”

    John Diwell, Technical Manager, Pioneer Foodservice

    “Everyone is very impressed; they certainly create the right impression
    and are functioning perfectly. Thank you very much for your initial professional advice, speedy delivery, and continued support. We would have
    no hesitation recommending the air purifiers or yourselves as a company.
    We are very impressed.”

    Ashley Butler Family Dental Clinic Chichester.

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    What we offer

    Production products

    From air purifiers to knife sterilisers and surface disinfection, there is a UV Safe product to suit the individual needs of your business.

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    Workplace products

    Biohazards aren not restricted to production spaces; washrooms, offices and even vehicles should also be protected. Fortunately, there is a UV Safe solution to suit them all.

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    Energy saving & water reduction technology

    Rising fuel costs and more stringent targets on reducing carbon make switching from wasteful unreliable hot water disinfection systems an obvious choice.

    Our UV knife sterilisers are up to 99% more energy efficient than hot water systems.

    Grant funding is often available.

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    Science and sustainability

    Ultraviolet light disrupts and disarms the DNA that bonds pathogens (Viral and Bacterial). Hospitals have used UV light as a cleansing tool for decades in decontaminating internal spaces.

    The food industry has used UVC to enhance safety as bacteria multiply quickly – one to 17 million in 8 hours. UV Safe solutions stop bacteria in its tracks whilst taking your business one step closer to its sustainability goals.

    Reduce energy costs, save water, waste and effluent.

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