Case study

Cherryfield of Croydon

As one of the UK’s leading pork processors, Cherryfield of Croydon is always looking for ways to improve the safety and quality of its products.

In 2017, after researching ways to eliminate steam condensation on walls from its water sterilisers and having looked at several systems, Cherryfield chose our UV Knife Sterilisers, opting for two Sterimiser 3SC units for their as robustness and designed ability to cope in a harsh environment.

The results

Cherryfield’s original hot water knife steriliser used a 2Kw heating element to maintain water at 82oC and was consuming a phenomenal amount of electricity, so installing the UV Safe Sterimisers helped the business significantly increase its energy efficiency.

The units have worked really well over the past four years, and the business has now upgraded to the Sterimiser DVS with the built in programmable wash and bought an extra seven units for its brand new factory.

The client is pleased with the effectiveness of the UV sterilizer units, which have been verified by their own testing, and in 2019 they installed Ultimate units into production areas. These Air purification systems from UV Safe were tested and proven to reduce airborne and surface bacteria, so were installed to reduce bacteria in the air, on the cutting line and on carcass meat.

Cherryfield’s own testing showed great results ensuring it maintains best practice and continues to deliver a safe end product.

At the beginning of 2020, as Coronavirus was spreading in the UK, and the papers started reporting outbreaks in meat factories, as part of its COVID-19 response Cherryfield purchased additional Air purification units.

“Since switching to UV our condensation issue has gone and the cost savings are significant.”
– Anna Davis, Technical Manager, Cherryfield of Croydon.

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