Case study

Everest Dairies

Everest is a traditional company well known for its quality and innovation. It has been a family run company established since 1997, and is now proudly part of Vibrant Foods Ltd. However, the tradition of making dairy products has been with the business for many generations, and its paneer product has been perfected over time.

Always looking seriously at hygiene and food safety, Everest was looking at technologies to replace its ageing electrostatic air filter system which was showing signs of corrosion and the filters were reaching the end of life.

They approached UV Safe for an up-to-date UV system, and we supplied the Airsteril Ultimate SA units to the high care production and packing areas.

The results

The AirSteril units proved to be extremely effective in maintaining low levels of surface and microbial contamination. Being made of stainless steel and glass safe this was a significant improvement on the previous system, highlighting their ongoing commitment to food safety.

Because AirSteril works 24 hours a day and is constantly killing both airborne and surface bacteria without any requirement for breaks in production, Everest was able to go forward with confidence.

The AirSteril technology has been endorsed 100% by the Everest Dairies technical team and directors.

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