Case study

Stephen’s Fresh Foods

Stephen’s Fresh Foods has been established since 1974 and over the decades has built a reputation for manufacturing quality cooked meats. Stephen’s is dedicated to the safety of its product range, and as such are one of the few cooked meat companies with its own accredited onsite microbiological testing laboratory in pursuit of hygiene excellence.

Continuously looking to take hygiene management to a higher level and after extensive research, the company elected to trial the AirSteril infection control technology.

The results

The AirSteril units proved extremely effective in reducing surface and microbial contamination. Swab results were comparable to Hydrogen Peroxide fogging without the operational limitations inherent with this method. The business was so impressed with the outstanding results it took the proactive decision to protect not only its high risk areas but low risk as well, using AirSteril Ultimate 4 technology.

Another reason the firm elected to go with AirSteril was because chemical fogging made the atmosphere damp, creating a problem with electrics and requiring a complete plant shutdown. With staff out of the facility and production downtime, the business was spending more than £1,000 per week on swab testing. Because AirSteril works 24 hours a day and is constantly killing both airborne and surface bacteria without any requirement for breaks in production, Stephen’s was able to scale back the swab testing with confidence which saved money.

The AirSteril technology has been endorsed 100% by the Stephen’s Fresh Foods technical team and directors.

“We recognise that traditional cleaning and disinfection can often be compromised by human fallibility. With AirSteril we have proven that science can provide us with a ‘belt and braces’ approach in addition to our existing best available techniques. Since installing AirSteril, our bacteria TVC test results are now consistently excellent and we are committed to keeping it that way.”
– Stephen’s Production Manager, Gary Luff.

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