Case study

The Ethical Butcher

The Ethical Butcher is changing how animals and humans coexist in the food chain and how we view our place in nature. It’s farmers honour natural systems and farm in ways that increase bio-diversity and regenerate the land, having a positive impact on the British countryside.

Many of the farmers have measured a net loss of carbon as a result of the methods they employ, improving soil health and combating climate change. To enhance its own carbon reduction goals, The Ethical Butcher replaced its existing hot water knife sterilisers with Sterimiser. Always looking to improve its matured beef range, the Ultimate SA model was chosen to control spoilage bacteria in the maturation chills.

The results

Replacing the knife sterilisers with UV reduced the condensation in the factory and significantly reduced electrical and water costs. The AIRsteril Ultimate SA units proved to be extremely effective in maintaining low levels of surface and microbial contamination, ensuring a safely matured and tasty beef product. The AIRsteril technology has been endorsed 100% by the firm’s directors.

“We recognise that traditional cleaning and disinfection can often be compromised by human fallibility. With AIRsteril we have proven that science can provide us with a ‘belt and braces’ approach in addition to our existing best available techniques. Since installing AIRsteril, our bacteria TVC test results are now consistently excellent and we are committed to keeping it that way.”
– Anna Bukowy, Technical manager, The Ethical Butcher

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