What is Ultraviolet?

Ultraviolet (UV) is a spectrum of light just below the visible light and is split into four spectral areas – Vacuum UV, UVC, UVB and UVA.

What is Ultraviolet C?

All UV light can kill or inactivate many microorganisms, but UVC energy provides the most germicidal effect. The use of UVC energy to kill microorganisms is also known as Germicidal Irradiation, or UVGI. After UVC exposure, organisms die off leaving no offspring, and the population of the microorganism rapidly reduces.


Can I get a low carbon grant towards the purchase cost of UV Safe equipment?

There are many grants of up to 60% available through the Local Enterprise Partnership. Different names are used for Scotland and Wales but are available EU-wide under the EU Regional Development Fund

What items are eligible for grant funding?

Energy efficiency measures, including sterilisers, LED lighting, A rated boilers, insulation, draught proofing, renewables, lighting or heating controls, software to improve efficiency, energy efficient equipment. This list is not exhaustive so if there is anything else you are considering please contact us to discuss.

Do I have to pay the grant value back?

No. The grant money will be paid to you subject to evidence of the installation being provided.

What is the minimum project value I can get funding for?

The minimum project value is £2,500, the grant value would then be £1,000.

How can I fund the project costs that the grant doesn’t cover?

You need to demonstrate that this match funding is coming from the private sector. This could be a loan, overdraft, or private sector funds.

What if my project is valued at less than £2,500?

If your project does not reach this value, other grants may be available so please do get in touch.

Can the grant fund more than one item?

Yes. Your grant application can contain more than one measure, so if you are considering, for example, a lighting and steriliser upgrade, both can be funded with one grant. This may also raise the total project value to meet the threshold for a successful grant application.

Can someone help me complete the grant application form?

Your LEP Business Energy Advisor will be on hand to support you in completing the grant application form.

What do I need to submit with my grant application form?

As well as filling out some questions about your business and the project you are applying for a grant towards, you will need to submit three quotes for each measure you apply for.

When will you give me the grant money?

If your grant application is successful, you will receive a funding agreement. You can then go ahead with the procurement or installation of your measure. You will then have to submit proof of this procurement (i.e. invoices, receipts etc.) to receive the grant money.

How long do I have to complete the work?

Once you have received your funding agreement when your application has been successful you have three months to carry out the works.

What if my grant application is rejected?

Your advisor will be available to answer any queries you may have before submitting your application form. If it is not successful, you can change and re-submit your application one more time only.

How long will it take to get my grant?

From the submission of your application you will get a decision within 2 to 8 weeks. The grant is then paid once proof that the installation has completed is received.

Knife and tool sterilisers

Can I use this product in a cutting plant?

Yes, there is no formal authorisation requirement and alternative systems can be used, provided you have procedures (or SOP) for its usage, maintenance, verification of its effectiveness. UV Safe will issue a validation document and then you add it to your HACCP plan and carry out periodic bacteria swabs as you do already.

What about the blood and fat on the blade?

A steriliser is for disinfection, not cleaning. Knives should be rinsed before sterilisation to meet regulations. Our DVS model washes and disinfects so is the preferred fool proof model.

How long will the bulbs last?

We use only the best lamps available which are rated for over 9,000 hours – that’s over 12 months, so you can leave them on 24/7 if you wish.

What if it goes wrong, can I fix it?

In the unlikely event the unit fails the light cassette can be swapped over by anyone in 30 seconds without tools. If you don’t carry a spare, you can have one exchanged on next day courier (subject to location).

How do I service the unit?

We sell simple service kits and the units have been designed in a way that makes them simple and quick to service.

Can I use it on a kill line?

Absolutely, under EU Regulation 853/2004 and the FSA Meat Industry Guide, the DVS model was designed specifically for fast kill lines.

How much electricity can I save?

See below an example of a 3000w heating element V a 30w UV Safe unit running 24/7/365

UV Safe Knife Sterimiser

Traditional Hot Water Steriliser

How much water could I save?

Sterimiser uses no water to sterilise so basically 100% saving on steriliser water. Yes you need to rinse the knives but you are already doing this under best practice.

How much is a Sterimiser unit?

This depends on the requirements of your business. Initial outright purchase will be higher than a water system but return on investment is realised very quickly, if you secure grant funding the costs become comparable and saving are immediate. You may be eligible for a grant to offset the cost of installation. For a free, no obligation quote, call our team today.

How big are the units?

Please refer to the product specification sheets for exact unit dimensions.

Air purification

How do air purifiers work?

A combination of Germicidal Irradiation (in which UVC light kills microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and mould) and Photocatalytic Oxidation. UVC reacts with a Catalyst to form highly reactive but short lived oxidising Hydroxyl Radicals which break down Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

What is the cost of an air purification system?

This depends on the exact requirements of your business. But compared to the cost of a shutdown? Its your call.

Where can air purifiers be used?

Anywhere! Factories, Schools, changing rooms, care homes, gyms… From large manufacturing spaces to offices and washrooms, there’s an air sterilisation unit to suit every space. We can even supply units for vehicles, an often-neglected workspace which needs to be a clean, odour-free and infection-controlled environment.

How big are the units?

Please refer to the product specification sheets for unit dimensions.

How do I service the unit?

We sell service kits with instructions which makes them simple and quick to service yourself.

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