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FAQs - Knife and Tool Sterilisers

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1. I have a cutting plant can I use this?

There is no formal authorisation requirement, and alternative systems can be used, provided you have procedures (or SOP) for its usage, maintenance, verification of its effectiveness, So UV Safe will issue a validation document and then you add it to your HACCP plan and carry out periodic bacteria swabs as you do already.

2. What about the blood and fat on the blade?

Best practice already means that knives should be rinsed prior to sterilisation, remember a steriliser is for disinfection not cleaning. The regulations are quite clear on pre-rinsing equipment.

3. How long will the bulbs last?

We use only the best lamps available and they are rated for 11,000 hours that's over the recommended annual service period so you can leave them on 24/7 if you wish.

4. What if it goes wrong, can I fix it?

In the unlikely event the unit fails, the light cassette can be swapped over by anyone in 30 seconds without tools, if you don't carry a spare, you can have one exchanged on next day courier (subject to location)

5. How do I service it?

We operate a simple service exchange scheme, when your service is due we supply replacement light cassettes and you simply swap them over, we then collect the used units for refurbishment.

6. Can I use it on a kill line?

Absolutely, yes you can, under EU Regulation 853/2004 and the FSA Meat Industry Guide

7. Can I get a low carbon grant towards the purchase cost?

There are many grants available through the Local Enterprise Partnership, different names are used for Scotland and Wales but are available EU wide under the EU Regional Development Fund. It's a simple process and the grant can be used for any energy-saving equipment such as LED lights and refrigeration.

8. How much electricity can I save in 1 year?

see below for an example of a 3000w heating element V a 30w UV Safe unit running 24/7/365

UV Safe Knife Sterimiser

Traditional Hot Water Steriliser

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