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1. What is Sterimise Air?

Sterimise Air is an air sterilization and filtration system, scientifically proven to destroy 99.999% of micro-organisms, remove particulate matter, reduce odours and decrease humidity from the atmosphere. Sterimise Air combines two unique and highly specialised technologies together called Quantum Technology and Quantum filtration. As air flows through the unit the combination of Quantum Technology and Quantum Filters safely removes contaminants from the air stream.


Sterimise Air units are designed to be installed into a wide range of air handlers or HVAC systems. They may also be used independently of any air management system.

2. What is Quantum Technology?

Quantum Technology is a process which electrically generates a non-thermal plasma energy field through a series of high voltage coils. The plasma energy is so powerful that it is capable of destroying matter at a cellular level by literally rupturing the cell walls, through an effect known as “molecular ripping”.


3. What are Quantum Filters?

Quantum filters were developed specifically for use with Sterimise Air. The filter is electrostatically charged, and when used in conjunction with Quantum Technology traps residual matter down to 0.1 µm (1/10,000th of a millimetre). Their unique honeycomb design allows air to flow freely through thousands of tiny channels. The filters are manufactured out of 100% recyclable polypropylene and can be disposed of safely after use.


4. Is Sterimise Air safe to use in an inhabited environment?

Yes.  Sterimise Air can be used continually in an inhabited environment.  All of our equipment is subjected to rugged third-party safety tests and is indeed proven safe for adoption in Healthcare, Food manufacturing and Waste Recycling.


5. Sterimise Air destroy all germs?

Yes. Regardless of their nature, all micro-organisms including viruses, bacteria and fungal spores contain cells. Sterimise Air destroys 99.999% of micro-organisms by rupturing their cell walls effectively rendering them inert and completely harmless.


6. Does Sterimise Air help prevent allergies?

Yes. Sterimise Air can and does prevent allergic reactions. Sterimise Air kills germs that may trigger reactions, it is also seen to dramatically reduce the amount of low-level pollution and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air as well as trapping dust, animal dander and pollens – all of which can be triggers for allergic conditions.


7. Does Sterimise Air remove harmful chemicals?

Yes. Sterimise Air is scientifically proven to remove chemicals, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), tobacco smoke etc in excess of 99.999% in a single pass.


8. Does Sterimise Air reduce surface contamination?

Yes. In recent tests, surface contamination from harmful bacteria was reduced by up to 40%.


9. Does Sterimise Air consume a lot of power?

No, in fact Sterimise Air was designed to be a low power consumption device to allow for continuous and widespread deployment, a typical piece of equipment for protecting a room approximately 100 cubic metres uses just 35 watts, which is less than a standard household lightbulb.


10. How often should I change the Quantum filter?

Quantum filters are electrostatically charged, and once exposed to the atmosphere the static charge degrades after three months. Therefore we recommend changing your Quantum filter every three months, or depending on the level of contamination, as directed by your equipment provider.


11. How often does Sterimise Air require servicing?

Annually. Each unit should be cleaned and serviced every 12 months by a certified UV Safe service centre.


12. Does Sterimise Air reduce odours?

Yes. Odours are created by 1 of 2 processes; either by biological or chemical release, in both cases Sterimise Air is seen to dramatically improve the quality of air passing through the equipment by either killing the bacteria that creates the smell or by dissembling the chemical generating the odour.


13. What happens to particles that escape through the Sterimise Air?

Nothing ‘escapes’ through the Sterimise Air, the equipment is designed to sterilise using Quantum Technology as well as trap and retain particles within the Quantum filter. Unlike other forms of air filtration, any residual matter within the filter is already destroyed so it cannot continue to breed and pose a health risk.


14. Can Sterimise Air be integrated into my HVAC system?

Indeed it can. Sterimise Air units can be designed to integrate into any HVAC or air handling system. Either as new installations or as retrofit equipment, we feature a wide variety of standard units as well as offering a custom design service to meet the needs of any air management system.


15. Can Sterimise Air reduce my energy costs?

Yes it can. When installed in-line as part of a HVAC or air handling system, Sterimise Air can actively improve energy efficiency by dramatically reducing back pressure to just 25 Pascals as well as decreasing humidity. Not only does this reduce energy consumption but it also means reduced maintenance costs with less wear and tear on equipment.


16. Is Sterimise Air scientifically proven and certified?

Our equipment carries a CE mark. Today, Sterimise Air - Air manager is the ONLY air sterilization and filtration system that is CERTIFIED to provide clean air to high standards.




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