This unit is similar to the 3S however it has 2 100mm wide slots that will accommodate up to 6 boning knives or a mixture of knives and oval steels up to 12" long, as well as a 120mm wide end slot which will accommodate a chopper, oval and flat steels.


All Sterimiser┬« units can be supplied or retrofitted with a knee operated spray cabinet designated -S this can replace existing drop hoses and enables a hand and knife to be rinsed prior to sterilisation.


  • Kills bacteria in as little as 10 seconds
  • No water required
  • Perfect for chilled areas
  • Does not get hot
  • No steam
  • 99% cheaper to operate than hot water sterilisers
  • Demonstrate best practice to customers and improve image
  • 30 watts consumption
  • 9000hrs between servicing
  • Carbon friendly up to 80 times less CO2 than water units


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3SC Unit Dimensions


430mm (H) x 295mm (W) x 130mm (D)

304 Stainless Steel Extrusion, IP65 Waterproof rating, FEP Glass Safe

Power Supply


110 - 240 - 30 watts




Wall mounted, 2m power cord, UK or US 3 pin plug

High output ballasts, 2 x 15W 2 pin specialist UV lamps, 9,000hrs operation depending upon switching and evironment. Annual servicing recommended

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