Knife and Tool Sterilisers

Fully Validated

The world's most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly knife steriliser (Patent Pending)


The only knife steriliser available that can quickly and effectively destroy spores including Clostridium estertheticum on a production line where hot water cannot.


In order to be a top performing food supplier, it is essential to maintain low levels of bacteria both on meat carcasses and throughout the environment. A traditional hot water steriliser creates heat and steam which can lead to ideal conditions for bacteria to multiply, additionally, the steam not only causes additional load on air conditioning systems but makes it impossible to install in some areas such as chillers


The Sterimiser® by comparison is cool to the touch, generates no steam and can be used in all environments from ambient and chilled to frozen, and as there is not hot water its even portable. The germicidal ultraviolet light (254nm) is contained within a chamber so there is no risk to personnel or the environment and an innovative safety mechanism prevents operation when dismantled for cleaning


Built specifically for the meat industry to meet best practice the unit is robust, IP Rated and all parts are serviceable making it quick and easy, at only 30 watts it has a low carbon footprint. A bright sight lens instantly informs QA staff that the unit is working.

Make savings of up to 50% the cost of your current system from day 1!

The Sterimiser® offers several variations from 2 knives to 9 knives, including sharpening steel and cleavers. Bespoke models can be made to incorporate other equipment. 

Sterimiser® - 3S

This unit has 3 slots 100mm wide that will accommodate up to 9 boning knives or a mixture of knives and oval steels up to 12" long.

  • Certified effective in 10 seconds
  • Water saving 100%
  • Energy saving 98%+
  • Fast Payback
  • No steam, no heat, no burn risk, no limescale

Sterimiser® - T40

Designed to allow 40+ knives, steels and choppers to be sterilised at the same time in batches, it is perfectly suited for boning halls and cutting plants where many operatives work.

A simple alphabet slot system ensures that operators can quickly identify their own knives.

Sterimiser® - 3SC

This unit is similar to the 3S however it has 2 100mm wide slots that will accommodate up to 6 boning knives or a mixture of knives and oval steels up to 12" long, as well as a 120mm wide end slot which will accommodate a chopper, oval and flat steels.

  • Can be used in chilled areas 
  • Low maintenance
  • Meets EU regulations
  • Low carbon so carbon grants may be accessible
  • UVC kills spores including C.Ester

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