Air purifiers

Enjoy a breath of fresh air with our range of air purification solutions, a green and cost-effecting way to control bacteria, virus and odours in enclosed spaces. Our range of products are available in various sizes and strengths to ensure you get the right to suit your needs.

AirSteril Ultimate 4

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The Ultimate 4 allows the control of bacteria and VOCs more efficiently than ever before. Contaminated air is processed through the unit, then the processed air becomes an efficient cleaning agent, targeting pathogens in areas where traditional disinfection is not possible.

Sentinel large filtration

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Exceptional filtration and biosafety for large spaces.

The unique balance to technology used by UV Safe has been tried, tested and refined over many years to ensure the best achievable results with every unit supplied.

All SENTINEL units are delivered ready to operate.

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Upper Air UVGI

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Taking advantage of thermal convection and the circulation of air from ventilation systems, this unit constantly reduces all airborne germs, with testing demonstrating over 99% reduction in bacteria levels. Designed to allow direct ultraviolet germicidal irradiation of viruses and bacteria in the upper air across a wide area, it is suitable for use in offices, waiting rooms and reception areas. The unit is fitted high on the wall meaning direct exposure to people is impossible while it targets airborne contamination.