Equipment and tool sterilisers

Our tool sterilisers are perfectly suited for areas where immediate access to essential spares or shared tools and equipment is needed, killing bacteria and viruses continuously with no water required. They are also ideal for chilled areas because they do not get hot or produce steam.

  • Engineers
  • Shift workers
  • High care areas

Toolchest T007D

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  • UVC Technology, Proven technology
  • Medical 316 stainless steel locking cabinet
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Glass safe
  • Locking wheels
  • Low energy
  • Cool to touch
  • 9000hrs between servicing

The Toolchest T007D is for any business requiring disinfection of tools shared between staff.

Often hot water chemicals are used for this purpose but can pose too many risks, such as scalding or foodstuff contamination. Using just 30 watts of energy and working for 9000hrs between servicing, it’s a green and cost-effective sterilising solution.