Sterimise Air® - EMS 300 Vehicle Air Steriliser

Destroys airborne bacteria, mould spores and eliminates odours.

The EMS 300 is designed to be mounted in vehicles and work areas alike. The Air Treatment unit has been developed for use in Fire Vehicles, Ambulances, Military EVAC vehicles and work environments where bio-security and bio-integrity is paramount.

Destroys viral particulate in excess of log 10; Bacteria, Yeasts, Moulds in excess of log 6, in a single pass.

Filter system guaranteed the return of ISO Classification 5 air to your environment.


  • Built around the revolutionary Quantum Technology
  • Complete destruction of air-borne pathogens, biohazards, VOC’s and chemicals and removal of particulate
  • Final Quantum Filter system removes particulate down to 0.1 micron
  • Effectively destroys Carbon Monoxide saturation in the work environment
  • High Volume single-speed fans with low noise emission for non-intrusive applications.
  • Higher airflow rate than H.E.P.A or ULPA means faster and more effective treatment of the workspace.
  • Simple ductless installation and user-friendly filter change procedure

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For vehicles up to 100m³


  • Fire Appliance
  • Ambulance

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