Sterimise Air® - SA500 Portable Air Steriliser

Destroys airborne bacteria, mould spores and eliminates odours.

The SA500 portable Air Steriliser has been developed for use in environments where large areas require the quick efficient removal of hazardous air conditions as well as a reduction of airborne bacterial and viral loading.

Other uses include decontamination of transportation units, to facilitate quick tum-around of containers and vehicles where cross contamination of chemicals, Odours or Bio-Hazards preclude multiple usages.


  • This system provides particulate removal from 0.1 – 7 microns depending on requirements
  • Removes and destroys all airborne Bio – Hazards including harmful components of smoke
  • Actively destroy Bacteria, Mould, Yeasts to Log 6
  • High-Efficiency single-speed fan motors deliver up to 5400 m3/hr
  • Higher Airflow rate than conventional systems
  • Through flow system gives powerful directional airflow
  • Choice of either pre-filter and/or post-filter depending upon the operating requirement.
  • Unit fitted with non-resettable Hour log metre.

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For large areas up to 5400m³


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