Total Air Purification

Stermise Air® combines MDT (Molecular Disruptive Technology) for air sterilization and HAF (High Air Flow) for air filtration; these two unique and highly effective technologies together create a very powerful and effective air treatment system.


MDT electrically generates a non thermal plasma energy field through a series of high voltage coils.  The plasma energy is safely contained within the unit.  As air flows through the plasma field any micro-organisms present in the atmosphere are completely destroyed at a cellular level. MDT is capable of destroying all manner of biological and chemical contaminates through this process known as ´molecular ripping´.


HAF is a super efficient electrostatically charged filtration media which traps any residual matter exiting the MDT field.  HAFs unique honeycomb design allows air to flow freely through thousands of tiny channels minimising back pressure down to just 25 Pascals.  And because of this HAF is much more energy efficient than traditional fibre filters.  HAF in conjunction with MDT is easily capable of arresting particles as small as 0.1µm (1/10,000th of a millimetre).


  • ATEX 137
  • IP66
  • Operating theatres iso 5 certified
  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Moulds
  • Allergens
  • Smoke
  • VOC's
  • Odours
  • Carbon monoxide

Sterimise Air® Air Manager Range


Our surface and sub-surface mounted range of units are ideal for fast and effective remediation of enclosed areas. Effective on the Flu Virus and the common cold these units offer continuous protection and are completely self-sufficient, drawing air through their own high-volume single speed fans. Payback through reduced sickness abscence.

In line

Our in-line duct units are designed for integration into your air handling system either as a retrofit or brand new installation. They use the airflow from the air handler, and are ideal for fast, effective and continuous remediation of enclosed environments. Perfect for commercial kitchen odour control.


Our portable units are highly mobile and require no installation, simply attach them to a power supply and switch them on. Despite their relatively small size, they have a major effect on air remediation while costing very little to run.


The compact, versatile units in the MicroStorm Series from UV Safe will solve all your air quality problems.

They reduce odours, kill 99.999% of bacteria, destroy viruses, trap allergens and decrease humidity.


Our custom air sterilization and filtration units are designed around HVAC systems, either as retrofits or brand new installations. They are optimized to provide continuous protection in the individual environments in which they operate.

  • Food Safety


  • Bio-security


  • Product safety




  • Swine Flu, TB


  • Livestock protection


  • Fruit ripening


  • Sickness abscence reduction



  • Odours


  • Anaerobic digestion


  • Composting Odours


  • MRF / RDF Odour


  • Commercial Kitchen odours


  • Leather manufacture odours


  • Vehicle operator protection - elimination of carbon monoxide






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