Servicing a waterless knife steriliser

Our patent pending waterless knife sterilisers can directly replace traditional water or chemical units quickly and simply. Utilising our low power lamps, high IP rating and wipe clean design, the Ultra Violet system ticks all of the boxes.

Low energy, low carbon and robust design, with each section of the unit designed around a cassette concept so swapping knife holder cassettes or lamp cassettes is quick and painless allowing for minimal downtime,   Cassettes can be returned to us for servicing and exchange..

6 Monthly Inspection

Reccomended interval

Although we use the highest standard components and lamps capable of 11000 hours operation we understand how much of a harsh environment the equipment is required to operate in. We therefore  recommend that an initial 6 monthly inspection is undertaken followed by annual servicing.

UV Safe will arrange for an engineer to attend your site or a same day postal exchange can be arranged should any components require exchange.

Servicing the Ultimate unit

Servicing the Ultimate is required every 12 months and is very simple, it can be undertaken by any competent person.

The service involves changing the lamps, inspecting the visible cables and checking the lights illuminate correctly.

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