Food production

We understand the challenges facing the food industry: reduction in microbiological contamination, making production efficiencies, reducing waste and carbon reduction programmes. We can help with our range of air, surface and equipment disinfection systems that will save your business time, money and energy.

AirSteril Mulitflex

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  • Reduces harmful viruses
  • Circulates fresh clean air
  • Breaks down unwanted bacteria
  • Attacks odours at their source
  • Removes unhealthy microbes from the air
  • Makes every room smell freshly cleaned
  • Maintains sanitized surfaces
  • Stops mould and fungi growth
  • Clears smelly compounds in the air 24/7

Reduces harmful viruses, circulates clean fresh air, breaks down unwanted bacteria, attacks odours at their source. It will remove unhealthy microbes from the air, maintain sanitised surfaces and stop mould and fungi growth.