There’s nothing worse than being trapped in an enclosed space with others during a pandemic. Airborne microorganisms, spread infections, compromise hygiene standards and create offensive odours. Bacteria breeds so quickly they cannot be cleared with traditional cleaning and masking odours can create an even more unpleasant environment. The AirSteril range is completely safe for use in areas of continuous occupation, protecting your staff from infection risks and saving them from unpleasant smells!

AirSteril Air Silent

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  • Clear embarrassing odours and eliminate masking agents
  • Control bacteria and viruses in the air and on all exposed surfaces
  • Improve infection control and hygiene standards
  • Reduce absenteeism and labour costs
  • Extend the life of carpets and soft furnishings to normal wear life
  • Improve the care home image and Increase occupancy rates

The AS20/AS20X/AS20M are completely silent and use unique thermal UV to eliminate unpleasant odours and control harmful bacteria both in the air and on all exposed surfaces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

AirSteril Mulitflex

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  • Reduces harmful viruses
  • Circulates fresh clean air
  • Breaks down unwanted bacteria
  • Attacks odours at their source
  • Removes unhealthy microbes from the air
  • Makes every room smell freshly cleaned
  • Maintains sanitized surfaces
  • Stops mould and fungi growth
  • Clears smelly compounds in the air 24/7

Reduces harmful viruses, circulates clean fresh air, breaks down unwanted bacteria, attacks odours at their source. It will remove unhealthy microbes from the air, maintain sanitised surfaces and stop mould and fungi growth.

Upper Air UVGI

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Taking advantage of thermal convection and the circulation of air from ventilation systems, this unit constantly reduces all airborne germs, with testing demonstrating over 99% reduction in bacteria levels. Designed to allow direct ultraviolet germicidal irradiation of viruses and bacteria in the upper air across a wide area, it is suitable for use in offices, waiting rooms and reception areas. The unit is fitted high on the wall meaning direct exposure to people is impossible while it targets airborne contamination.